8. “Deleting” the Deployment#

torque deployment delete command strips down the deployed objects. In the case of prod deployment, the delete command will strip down all deployed services from DigitalOcean. You want to execute the delete command before abandoning this tutorial to make sure all provisioned resources are deleted from the DigitalOcean account.

torque deployment delete prod

What’s Next#

All packages that we used came from Torque’s public repositories, but you can also create your own. And just as we added another backend service that is using a completely different language and web framework, you can continue evolving your architecture DAG and deploy with just a few commands.

Of course, this is only an introduction to all capabilities and functionality of the framework. We recommend to learn about the framework concepts in the Torque Framework Concepts chapter. We are working hard to add a lot of tutorials on all aspects of the framework.