1. Initializing Torque Workspace#

After you initialize the Torque workspace, you will be ready to use Torque Framework with all its capabilities.

If you haven’t already installed the Torque CLI, visit the Torque CLI Installation chapter for instructions.

Once you have installed the Torque CLI tool, the first step is to initialize the Torque workspace:

torque init my_workspace

This command creates the my_workspace directory and installs all required functionality inside the .torque subdirectory where all the code for running the framework resides. There are many more details about the framework’s internal system design and how it achieves its goals in the Torque Framework section. For now, we’ll concentrate on the usage part.

To check if the workspace is correctly configured, change the working directory into my_workspace directory and run the torque -h command.

cd my_workspace
torque -h
Command output.#
usage: torque [-h] [--workspace PATH] command ...

torque command line interface.

positional arguments:
    init            initialize workspace
    package         package management
    component       component management
    link            link management
    deployment      deployment management

optional arguments:
-h, --help        show this help message and exit
--workspace PATH  workspace file to use


☝️ Keep in mind: -h flag is your ultimate friend; you can discover all commands and flags using -h flag.